The Road Safety Trust

Our grant criteria

Traffic lights and pedestrians reflected in the windows of a city office building

All applications to the Road Safety Trust are assessed against how well they meet our criteria, which for major grants is as follows:

  • The project has clear objectives and outcomes and the potential for improved road safety for the UK public

  • The project supports the objectives of the grant programme

  • Project methods are clear

  • Knowledge of relevant practice and literature

  • Knowledge of relevant regulations and guidance

  • Project structure and management

  • Experience of the project team including its cohesion and composition

  • Innovation

  • Partnership working and collaboration

  • Plans for evaluation of road safety benefits and achievement of the project’s objectives

  • Plans for impact

  • Dissemination, engagement and knowledge exchange

  • Financial aspects and budget

  • Future plans – e.g. sustainability, scaling up or roll out

Applications will not be accepted if:

  • The application is assessed as having a private profit motive

  • The benefit to UK road users is not clear

  • The application is for funding towards services or activities previously funded in whole or in part by the applicant organisation(s) or a statutory body

  • The request is for core funding rather than project funding

  • 100% of the total project costs has been requested (cash or in-kind)

  • Applications are of a party political nature or likely to be in breach of laws relating to equality and opportunity

For smaller grants, the actual criteria will be listed on the relevant Small Grants Programme page.