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Welcome to the Road Safety Trust


We are an independent grant-giving Trust working hard to reduce the numbers of people killed or injured on our roads. We do this by providing independent funding for vital research and practical interventions into new approaches to road safety.

The work of the Road Safety Trust is vitally important in helping to reduce the numbers of people killed or injured on UK roads every year. All of our funds come from our trading subsidiary company, UKROEd, which operates the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS). UKROEd is a not-for-profit organisation which gifts any surplus to the Road Safety Trust at the end of the financial year. This enables us to award grants to support a whole range of road safety initiatives every year. These grants are available for up to two to three years, and can be worth as much as £200,000.

The theme for the 2019 round of grants was

‘Innovative Traffic Calming and Provision for Vulnerable Road Users’


Welcoming applications for funding

We welcome applications from UK-based organisations, both public and professional associations, registered charities and university departments. In exceptional cases, we can also look at applications from overseas, if the research could benefit UK road users. The projects to which we have already awarded funds include research into vehicle design, traffic calming measures, cycling injuries, brake light design, trauma techniques at road traffic accidents and police pursuit management.

Our Small Grants Programme is now open for applications until 20 December!

To make UK roads safer, achieving impact through the funding of practical measures, research, dissemination and education.
— Our purpose