The Road Safety Trust

How to apply for a grant

You can apply using our online portal. The closing date for the 2019 major themed round has passed and our Small Grants Programme is your next opportunity to apply for funding. Applications for Small Grants will be open from 17 September to 20 December 2019. You will need to create an account and will be asked to complete a short eligibility questionnaire.

The application is in two sections:


Section one

The first part of the application process is an online form. This captures the following key information about your project.

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Project overview

  • Lead organisation details

  • Project summary

  • Project approach and methodology

  • Project objectives

  • Project outputs and outcomes

  • Innovation

  • Partnership and collaboration

  • Beneficiaries

  • Future plans


  • Evaluation objectives

  • Evaluation plan

  • Plans for dissemination, engagement and knowledge exchange


An Excel spreadsheet should be uploaded using the template provided

  • Requested amount

  • Project budget

  • Other sources of funding

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Section two

Information on the following should be provided and uploaded in a separate document of no more than four sides of A4 plus appendices:

Knowledge of the relevant literature or practice

Examine relevant research and literature (where available) and any gaps in knowledge and explain how the proposal develops or adds to learning. Please also describe the extent of current provision or implementation of the measures the proposal seeks to develop and current evidence (if any) for their effectiveness.

Knowledge of the relevant regulations and guidance

Refer to the relevant regulations for the traffic calming measures or provision that the proposal relates to and any available published guidance. If guidance is lacking or patchy then please explain how the proposal will address this issue. Provide details of any necessary consents or permissions needed to carry out the project.

Ethical and privacy issues

Describe any potential issues regarding the privacy of participants and information provided by or concerning them, as well as of any other information sources used. Any risks and mitigation management plans for these should be fully discussed. Please ensure you have a policy in line with the current GDPR. Similarly, any potential ethical considerations and mitigations of any risk need discussion, including but not limited to risks to participants. Where another body, such as an organisation’s Research Ethics group, will need to grant approval before the project can proceed, the specific matters that such a group are likely to address should be clearly outlined. Discussion of privacy and ethical issues may appear in an Appendix.

Project structure and timetable

Please provide a project timetable, perhaps in a table or Gantt chart, including milestones for the completion of different stages where appropriate. A table should also be provided for any potential risks to the completion of the project together with proposed mitigations.

Experience of the project team

Outline the relevant experience and expertise of key team members. One-page CVs, including any relevant publications as an appendix, will be useful for more complex applications - please ensure you have permission from them. Please explain key roles and the expected input and involvement of each team member. It will be helpful to see how quality control of the outputs will be handled, and who will be responsible for day to day project arrangements. Any internal and/or external oversight arrangements should be mentioned, especially for more complex projects. For some projects, the establishment of stakeholder groups to inform the project should also be identified.


Innovative ideas with much potential road safety benefit are particularly sought by the Trust. Plans to roll out or scale up innovative approaches which have been successfully trialled and tested are also encouraged. The programme is not designed to cover the delivery costs of existing schemes but could cover the costs of evaluating an existing programme.

Data protection

In submitting your application for funding, you are confirming that you have the agreement of any individuals identified within it for the Road Safety Trust to hold their personal data while the project is assessed for funding and following any agreement to fund.

The Road Safety Trust will use this information for the purposes of assessing your application and of managing or monitoring any grant awarded; and for carrying out related administration or research. We may also contact you about events, news or research relevant to your grant. The Trust is a data controller and is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office as required under the GDPR 2018. The Trust will only process any personal data in accordance with the Trust's registration and current data protection legislation.

The Road Safety Trust will expect that you, as the applicant, are responsible for ensuring compliance with data protection legislation and registration as necessary. Our Grants Data Privacy Notice can be seen here.