University of Southampton

CRoss-modal Intervention Training To Improve Cyclist Awareness Levels (CRITICAL) project

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Q2 21/22

Making roads safer for…

Pedal cyclists

Close up of the handlebars of a bicycle partially showing the rider

Project summary

The CRoss-modal Intervention To Improve Cycling Awareness Levels (CRITICAL) project will develop a cross-modal training program to improve cycling safety. Funding will help deliver two cross-modal training programs: 1) Cycle awareness for car drivers and 2) car awareness for cyclists.

The project will undertake longitudinal evaluation studies to assess the effectiveness and resilience of this type of training.

This novel training program will create compatible awareness in road users traditionally in conflict with each other. Both road users will be trained to interact with each other, enabling them to better understand risky behaviours and develop higher levels of awareness for the other road user.

Cyclists are disproportionately represented in accidents; for every 26 car drivers killed or seriously injured per billion vehicle miles, over 1,000 pedal cyclists suffer the same fate. The ability to demonstrate safer cycling will make it a more attractive mode of travel with numerous long-term benefits. If successful, this approach can be rolled out to other high-risk road user groups.