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The management of occupational road risk: emerging issues for policy and practice in a changing economy - a survey of grey fleet and gig economy drivers, riders and their managers

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Two Gig economy workers riding on a motorbike and bicycle

Project summary

This study explores the experience of risk and risk management amongst drivers and riders and their managers who work as part of the 'gig' economy. The aim of this study is to understand how safety is taken into account by these workers and their managers.


Research report on road risk and its management in the ‘gig economy’.


Since the study, a number of policy and practice leads are being followed up. These include the recommendation for there to be a parliamentary inquiry into road safety and the ‘gig economy’. The report has been circulated to key stakeholders and was presented at a PACTS conference on Work Related Road Safety.

We continue to look at ways for the recommendations to be taken forward.