FLOURISH - design requirements to enable use of connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) by older people with a disability

Amount awarded


Due to complete

Q2 19/20

Making roads safer for…

All road users

Connected Autonomous Vehicle image courtesy of Designability

Connected Autonomous Vehicle image courtesy of Designability


Project summary

Funding of £62,908 has been awarded to Designability, working with a number of partners including Age UK, towards the ‘FLOURISH’ project. The project will look at design issues of Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) and how technology can be developed to benefit people with a range of age related impairments. CAVs offer the potential for older people with an age-related disability to continue to be mobile whilst reducing the risks caused by people who should not be driving, benefitting all road users. The RST contribution to the multi-sector FLOURISH project will result in a report on engagement with the public on use of CAVs and the needs of users with specific impairments. It will also result in requirements for a human-machine interface for CAVs (the technology that connects drivers to the vehicle) from results of trials using a simulator and on the road.