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Developing a road crossing educational computer 'game' for primary schools

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Project summary

Funding of £67,468 was awarded initially to the University of South Wales and later transferred to Cardiff University, who will work with school children to design and develop an evidence-based, educational computer game (using a first-person perspective) to teach children how to cross the road safely. The project draws on academic research about the way children learn about Road Safety and aims to produce a low-cost game using the latest technology and a short guide for teachers in its use.


The University carried out research into the way children learn about crossing the road and devised a downloadable Road Safety Game for use at schools and at home. The game which is for 7-9 year olds (Virtual Road World) is available via the Apple Store. We have offered Cardiff University funding towards a Social Media campaign to maximise reach.


We are now working with Cardiff University on a campaign to maximise reach.