The Road Safety Trust

What is available

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The Road Safety Trust uses any surplus gifted by our not-for-profit trading subsidiary company, UKROEd to help create safer roads and protect vulnerable road users.

We offer funding towards projects that meet our grant criteria. Grants are available for up to two or three years depending on the programme, and these can range from £10,000 up to £200,000.

£2.7million awarded to 35 projects
— 2018-19 Annual Report

Grants by organisation type


Grants by road user type

UK map showing the number of awards granted by region

Our Trustees consider the total amount of money to be allocated for funding every year, and this is based on our assessment of potential demand and the income we have received.

We are a small, well-run charity with low running costs, which means that the vast majority of the funding available goes towards supporting vital road safety studies and initiatives.