Priority funding themes for 2019 and 2020 announced

  • Funder also unveils its new ‘Small Grants Programme’

  • Next year’s theme came top in online consultation ‘crucial’ rating

Traffic on a busy motorway at dusk

The Road Safety Trust has announced its priority themes for 2019 and 2020 applications. Following consultation with the sector, the theme chosen for this year is ‘Innovative traffic calming and provision for vulnerable road users’. For 2020 the theme will be ‘How can technology be used to reduce road offending and promote safe driving?’.

An additional funding opportunity, the ‘Small Grants Programme’, will be open from September until the end of December this year and in subsequent years. It is expected that awards through the Small Grants Programme will be between £10,000 and £30,000 per project.

Road Safety Trust chief executive Sally Lines explained that the Trust was committed to making the UK’s roads safer and achieving impact through the funding of practical measures, research, dissemination and education.

“To be as effective as possible in our grant-making, we will aim to get every project ‘from left to right’; in other words, not jut research but each one a journey to making a tangible difference on the roads.”

“We have decided to announce next year’s theme (on reducing criminality and unsafe driving) now in order to give applicants as much notice as possible. This should increase the quality of applications for the topic that came out top in terms of its ‘crucial’ rating in an online consultation which took place in 2018.”

Full details of eligibility and how to apply will be made available before the 2019 funding application window opens on Monday 18 March. Applications must be received by Friday 21 June.