Nottingham Trent University

Mobility scooter user behaviour and hazard perception at road crossings

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Q2 19/20

Making roads safer for…

Mobility scooter users

Young female on a mobility scooter outside a building at Nottingham Trent University

Project summary

The project will explore what Motorised Mobility Scooter (MMS) users see as hazards and then, by recording real time footage, assess the strategies used by expert users to avoid hazards when crossing roads. The overall aim for the project is to develop and evaluate a DVD training guide that aims to improve safety for novice MMS users. By examining how MMS users respond to hazards in and around road crossings, the project will carry out a trial and develop a low-cost training intervention (a DVD) to help users navigate road crossings more safely, improving safety for all road users. The project will also report on road safety issues from the perspective of mobility scooter users such as road crossings or factors that reduce visibility.